Burning Down The House

“You think being gay is natural? Ok. Take all the gay people, all the lesbians, and all the straight people, and put them on three different islands…all the gays and the lesbians will have died out in not even 100 years”

If someone in your life is just a bit homophobic, can you cut them off? Do we have to keep talking, explaining, persuading? And racists, same question. Should we storm the Straight White Citadel and burn it all down, or find the safest quietest – queerest – Island of our own, and wait for the storm to blow over?

With white supremacists marching openly in the US, and The Sun calling for a solution to Europe’s ‘Muslim Problem’, what’s a brown queer to do?

In development, with thanks to the Old Vic, Arts Council England and Almeida Theatre.