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Performance is a political act. 


We make border-breaking theatre, XR, installations and events. Find us indoors, outdoors, in places we’re meant to be, and places no one was expecting us. 


Looking for our online work? 
Go to YouTube for films and look out for livestreams.


The Land’s Heart Is Greater Than Its Map

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Allow us to transport you to the only city that exists twice; once on earth and once in heaven


Urgent Queervention

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Antisemitism, Islamophobia & us



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A one-of-a-kind night of experimental performance, drag, music and theatre.


Unofficial Translation

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The COP21 negotiations live translated into performance.

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A story of the struggle to move freely in the 21st Century and the dark, persistent ripples of the British Empire.



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An encounter combining Virtual Reality and live performance.

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Burning Down the House

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A new queer musical about reaching the end of compromise.


In The Vice Like Grip Of It

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A play about the relationship between citizens and the state in the era of mass surveillance.

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Out of Print

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A site responsive performance, set in a library at night.

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